Promotion YouTube Taking Up Too Much Time? [Quick & Easy] YouTube Tips
Promotion YouTube Taking Up Too Much Time [Quick & Easy] YouTube Tips

Promotion YouTube Taking Up Too Much Time? [Quick & Easy] YouTube Tips

Every month 1.9 billion people use YouTube. This makes it the second most visited website on the internet. Given the huge audience it is not surprising that there is no shortage of YouTube Millionaires who have monetize their videos on the platform. While YouTube’s profit potential is huge, so to is the competition. In order to stand out on this increasingly competitive it is necessary not just to create great videos but also to promote them effectively. Here we’ll explain How to effectively implement a Promotion YouTube strategy.

Create a high quality video

The first step in promoting a YouTube video is creating something that people will want to watch and share. Every high quality video involves these three key components:

Plan the video

When we talk about high quality, fundamentally what we mean is, does the video deliver value? A good YouTube video will deliver a certain outcome for the viewer. That could be entertaining them, teaching them a new skill or helping them to solve a problem.

Before you hit record you need to plan your video, so you know how you will deliver that outcome. Start by thinking about who your audience is and what they want to get out of the video.

Think about how long the video will need to be and where it should be filmed. And decide whether the video will need a script or not.

Even if you decide not to use a script you will probably want to outline the basic structure of the video and write down a few bullet points of the key points.

Equipment and setup

Having the right equipment and setup will make a massive difference to the quality of the video. Unless you are doing a screen grab or animated video, then in order to make the video you will need a camera, a microphone and memory storage.

For the camera you could use anything from a DSLR camera to the internal camera in your smartphone. Many modern smartphones have incredibly high quality cameras, for example the latest iPhones feature 4K, meaning they can produce better quality footage then many video cameras.

Ideally use an external mic for sound, as it can make a big difference to the professionalism of your video. Lighting is something that many new YouTubers overlook.

If you are filming outdoors, try to film when there will be plenty of natural light. If you are filming indoors then you want to understand how to properly light your setup.

Edit the video

The editing process will have as much an impact on the overall quality of the video as filming it. Editing allows you to put together your best “takes” from filming.

You will be able to remove any pauses and “umhs” and “ahs” that almost everyone invariably uses when talking.

If you have filmed the video out of order, you can reorder the video into its most logical sequence. Finally, you can add an intro and outro to brand your video and make it look more professional.

Promote your video naturally

Once you have your YouTube video ready it’s time to begin your promotion YouTube strategy. There a number of ways you can promote your video which don’t require spending money. These include:

Write a targeted & attention grabbing title

First understand what words and phrases people use when they are looking for videos on your topic. The “keywords” will help to form the basis of your title.

Using the right keywords will mean that people are more likely to find your video when searching in YouTube or Google.

Two good free tools to find the keywords people are using are Uber Suggest and the Google Keyword Planner tool.

Another way to find keywords is to simply look at other videos on the same topic on YouTube. Look for commonalities in the types of words and phrases that they are using in their title.

Ensure that your video title is descriptive. Remember that the title is the only indication that potential viewers have about the content of the video.

For example, if I title a video “Amazing Cooking Video” people have no idea what the recipe is. If instead I call it “The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe Ever”, it’s much clearer what people will learn during the video.

Another promotion YouTube tip is to use the year in the title of the video. This will make your video seem more up to date and relevant.

This is particularly important for tutorials and guides. For example, you might call your video “Top YouTube Promotional Tips For 2019”.

Placing your video in forums & blogs

In order to promote your video find the communities who would benefit from the information. For example, imagine that you are creating knitting tutorial videos.

You would want to think about where people who want knitting tutorials spend their time online.

One of these places will be niche forums. Almost every hobby, interest and vocation has at least one online forum.

To find these forums simply perform a Google search using the query “[Topic]+ forum” i.e. knitting forum.

When you find an appropriate forum don’t immediately start adding your video to threads. Instead familiarize yourself with the style and conversation of the videos.

Contribute to threads so that other users know you aren’t there just to spam the boards.

Once you have developed a presence on the board you can start embedding your video where it is relevant.

To use our knitting example again, someone might have asked about how to knit a particular type of clothing, if you have a matching video tutorial then you can include in the thread.

Many forums will also allow you to include a signature. This signature will appear under every message that you post on the forum. In this signature you can include a link to promote YouTube channel featuring your videos.

Finally, forums are a great way to discover the type of information that people are looking for. When you see people are often asking the same questions on a particular topic, you can create a video which answers that question.

Forums are not the only place that you can upload your video as part of your promotion YouTube strategy. Blogs on your topic are another great place to add your video.

There are two ways of achieving this. The best approach is to try and contribute what is called a “Guest Post” to the blog. This is where you write a short article for the blog for free.

In this guest post you will include an embed of your video. One way to find blogs in your niche which accept guest posts is to use the queries

“[Topic] + Guest Post” or “[Topic] + submit content” or [Topic] + contributors i.e. Knitting guest post.

Paid Promotion of your Video

You will want to augment your natural promotion YouTube tactics with paid advertising. Paid advertising will allow you to reach a bigger target audience and to do it faster.

Below are some of the main paid promotion YouTube methods that are available. All of these are legit YouTube promotion channels that won’t harm your video or have it delisted.

Google Ads Campaigns

Ads is Google’s own advertising platform. One of the first things to consider when advertising with Ads is what format you want to use.

Ads offers a variety of different of formats including display, overlay, skip-able, bumper and sponsored card video ads. The most appropriate format will depend on the content of your ad and the target audience.

To find the format that works best for you it is a good idea to run a small budget with different formats. You can then turn off the campaigns whose formats don’t work for your audience.

Next break up your campaign into in-stream ads and discovery ads. Discovery ad play next to other YouTube videos and across Google’s Display Network.

In-stream ads play either before, during or after another video. Google Ads also has some very detailed targeted options.

You can target your advertising according to demographics, particular interest or search intent.

Here You can Also follow Step By Step guide to Run Google Ads Campaign

Facebook Advertising

To implement a promotion YouTube strategy using Facebook’s advertising platform you will first need to embed your video in a post.

The downside to this approach is that your video won’t start automatically playing like a Facebook video would.

One way to fix this problem is to create a teaser video for your main YouTube video. You can then upload the teaser video to your Facebook advertising account. Inside of the description of the Facebook teaser video you can include a link to the main YouTube video.

Setting Up Facebook Ad on Manager Tab

Here You can Also follow Step By Step guide to Run Facebook Ads Campaign

VidOrange Advertising Platform

VidOrange is a YouTube video promotion service platform which delivers organic views from real people on YouTube. Unlike a lot of paid advertising platforms this is a legit YouTube promotion platform.

YouTube Paid Promotion Service
Get Legit Views Via YouTube, Google or our Partner Ads

It doesn’t provide bot or fake views. This means that your Video won’t just get views, but provided it is high quality, you will also get organic shares and likes.

Our Experts also provide real time screen shots and analytics so that you can see how your campaign is performing.

Finally, We uses a safe delivery method which is YouTube compliant so that you never have to worry about losing the views or having your videos taken day.

You can learn more about the our YouTube video promotion service by visiting:

YouTube Promotion

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