Winning Tactics for YouTube Organic Promotion | Free YouTube Channel Marketing Tips
Winning Tactics for YouTube Organic Promotion Free YouTube Channel Marketing Tips

Winning Tactics for YouTube Organic Promotion | Free YouTube Channel Marketing Tips

To get noticed on YouTube and grow your viewership and number of subscribers, you need some form of promotion/marketing. The following article contains detailed information on winning tactics for YouTube Organic Promotion and how you can use them for your channel.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet?

This is not a surprise, considering that of the total internet traffic, a third of that is on YouTube.

So, what does it take to tap into such a huge audience?

What is YouTube Organic Promotion?

YouTube organic promotion is basically allowing an audience to get your content naturally through free services.

The opposite of organic promotion is paid promotion, which is the use of paid services to artificially’ promote YouTube content.

While it is not unheard of for people to just start a YouTube channel and wait for people to come to them, it has worked, but the results are slow.

As a result, it is becoming a noticeable trend for people to use free services like social media and tricks like YouTube SEO to promote their YouTube channels and videos organically.

Does YouTube Organic Promotion Yield Results?

Of course, it does. The good thing with organic promotion is that it yields 100% ROI because you will be getting profit by investing no money in your advertisement campaigns.

All you need to make it here is time and skills. I do not recommend creating YouTube content and just leaving it there for a million people to miraculously bump into it.

I am for the additional zest that you can add into organic promotion via social media and YouTube SEO (getting into this later).

Social Media for Organic Promotion of YouTube Content

As I was hunting around for all the valuable information you’re reading, I came across some rather interestingly shocking facts. Do you know how much of YouTube is being watched on Facebook?

YouTube Organic Promotion

A whopping 500 years’ worth of content every single day! On Twitter, users share 700 YouTube videos every minute.

As you can tell, YouTube users rely highly on the free opportunity that social media has to offer in promoting their content.

Learning how to harness the power of social media for the purpose of promoting YouTube Channels and Videos is one skill you should be acquainted with.

That is why I have shared the following step by step guide of how you can use Facebook and Twitter to promote your content organically.


Tip: Don’t post YouTube links on Facebook since such posts are not prioritized by Facebook on news feed.

Instead, upload videos directly to Facebook, and provide a way for your audience to find you on YouTube. To do this:

1. First, take a large and catchy snapshot or a screen-grab of the YouTube video. You can use the thumbnail as an alternative, or make a short snippet of the video to act as a teaser.

2. Create a post on Facebook with the image or video snippet but don’t release it yet.

3. Create a shortened link of the YouTube URL of your video using

4. Add some text to the Facebook post that will let your audience know how to get the full video on YouTube. At the end of the text, paste the shortened link you created. (Always upload the photo or video on the post before you pasting the shorten link so that Facebook doesn’t interpret your post as a YouTube video).

5. Make sure everything looks good and post it.


You can use the above Facebook promotion method on Twitter as well. Since visual content receives much attention on Twitter than text-only posts, you stand a real chance of converting tweet engagement into YouTube traffic. Other tips that work include:

1. Promoting your YouTube channel on your Twitter profile.

2. Pinning a snippet of your most watched video on your profile.

3. Let your video be found among trending topics on Twitter.

4. Make use of the auto-tweet feature on YouTube every time you upload a video.

5 Free YouTube Channel Marketing Tips

Earlier on, I mentioned YouTube SEO as a trick that has been used to effectively promote YouTube content organically.

Below, I have share five ingenious tips and tricks of how YouTube SEO can help you organically promote your channel.

1. Build the reputation of your YouTube Channel

Be known to command some reputable level of authority in your industry. Have good channel art (profile and cover photos).

Your channel trailer should tell everything about you, and why you are worth the time of your visitors.

Link your channel to your most relevant social profiles. If you have a site or blog, link it up too.

To begin building a community of subscribers, ask loyal visitors to your website or blog to subscribe to your channel.

2. Do thorough keyword research for all your videos

This is where YouTube SEO comes in. Before you upload a video, do as much research as possible on what it will take for it to appear in search results.

YouTube Organic Promotion

For now, you will do it organically, but later in the article, you will find out how you can use Google Ads as your best shot at YouTube SEO.

3. Optimize videos before and after upload

Have your audience at the back of your mind before and after creating your videos.

Be target specific when creating video content by carefully curating options on basic info, advanced settings, social sharing, playlists, thumbnails, annotations, and cards.

4. Help your video get positive engagement

To help YouTube know that your video is important and on demand, work hard to get as many likes as possible, and comments as well.

Popular YouTubers ask their audiences to comments below’, to subscribe for more videos’, and to it the bell to get notified of new videos’.

5. Don’t give up

Please keep going. Upload more content regularly to keep your audience hooked.

Get Quicker Results with Google AdWords and Facebook Ads

Although YouTube organic promotion works, it does so gradually and might need some considerable level of patience.

If you are the kind that wants quick results, which is good for business, there is a better option for you. You can spend some money on Paid promotion services for your YouTube channel.

The two best options for YouTube for business and people who want to get noticed faster, are Google Ads and paid Facebook Ad campaigns.

Though these guarantee fast results, they require you to be a little bit savvy on how SEO works. But you might not have the time to study and understand SEO to the extent that you can use it to grow your YouTube channel.

YouTube Organic Promotion helps to manage your paid ad campaign so that you can concentrate on creating content and growing your channel.

With years of experience as one of the most sought after video marketing websites, Vidorange is able to increase your viewership exponentially in just a short time.

Visit now and learn how you can get organic views and subscribers to your channel.

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