Advertise YouTube Channel I [Step by Step Guide] to Run Google Ads Campaign Legit Way
Advertise YouTube Channel I [Step by Step Guide] to Run Google Ads Campaign Legit Way

Advertise YouTube Channel I [Step by Step Guide] to Run Google Ads Campaign Legit Way

Development has made everything a step ahead these days. So doesn’t it have created vast chances for YouTube? 60 % of the promotions have started expanding through Real YouTube Promotion Service. Several Interactive Techniques are adopting these days to Advertise YouTube Channel globally.

Real YouTube promotion service is one of them. You can create attractive visual values to your targeted audience.

Asides generate faster growth of your YouTube Channel globally. Real YouTube Promotion will allow you to use its dynamic features to create more real time value for your YouTube Channel.

YouTube is called as the Second Largest Search Engine as on the user requirements. It’s the content that’s going to engage audience and generate a well merged success rate for your Channel. But we can’t either deny the process of engaging called as Real YouTube promotion.

Take Paid Real YouTube Promotion Service for Faster Growth of YouTube channel:

YouTube is one of the fastest video sharing platforms around the world. And this growth results by the Correlation of some dynamic factors. A few of them are mentioned as followed:-

⦁ YouTube processe with 3 Billions searches in a month.

⦁ 1 Billion unique new user’s browses YouTube every month. Nearly 1 out of 2 internet users browse YouTube daily.

⦁ In every minute, 100 hours of videos are uploaded.

⦁ People forming of the interest to learn new things on YouTube. Mostly the adults.

⦁ Innovative YouTube algorithm is also playing a major role to the growth.

However, YouTube has some different approaches regarding having a good ROI for one’s channel. Few of them are explained below:-

Subscriber controls transparency of your Channel:

Subscribers helps to engage massive ranking over time. It is also generating a great ROI. A rough picture of this is demonstrated in the following figure.-

Advertise YouTube Channel

Subscriber controls transparency of your Channel

Video age affects more on trafficking to Your Channel:

Video age also dominates the ROI for the channel in the long run. The first two videos appear in the search are probably the oldest. The following figures will give you better scenario on this.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Video age affects more on trafficking to Your Channel

Number of Videos on your YouTube Channel engages the interest of viewers:

The more you publish video for your channel, the more you will have ROI. It also depends on the quality of your contents.

You should always try to roll out your channel with new and exciting video contents.

Otherwise, ROI chances from your channel will fall in no time. The following graphs with lead you to a logical understanding.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Number of Videos on your YouTube Channel engages the interest of viewers

Back links and embedded video works as the shadow marketer for your YouTube Channel:

Back links is one of most practiced way of improving your ranking regarding promotion. YouTube allows you to embed your video with back links. Lest take a strategic look of this.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Back links and embedded video works as the shadow marketer for your YouTube Channel

If you are confused between the diverse approaches of promoting your Videos on YouTube, then push your brake and take a look at the google Ads Campaign.

This is one of the best practiced approaches. This may engage viewers dramatically to your YouTube contents.

So if you decided to advertise your YouTube channel with Google Ads, then just go for a quick sing up process. However, you have to go through some consistent processes as followed:-

Account Creation:

Nothing can pump you up better than getting of a free chance to access in such a dynamic platform as Google Ads allows you. So here take a look at these following easy sign up steps for google Ads signup:-


Initially, you have to hit the address bar of your browser with or if you are using any other browser than google chrome then search for google adwords. As soon as you are directing to the page as shown in picture 1, click the Start Now Button.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Click the Start Now Button


In this step, it is shown predetermined setup guidance. This is basically for the people who already have an idea about how Google Ads works or really expert at. The following steps are to create a campaign, which you may not be aware of.

Advertise YouTube Channel
Create Google Ads Account Using your Gmail


If you skipped step -2 already means you are not far away of starting your Google Ads journey. All you need to insert the following credentials as shown in picture 3.

Advertise YouTube Channel
Put down others info to continue with Google Ads


And now your Ads account is ready to use. But before you proceed with the campaign, you have to set a preferred payment option for you. This is guided on our next and the last step.


In this step, you have to click on the setting icon appears in the right top corner of your screen and have to select the “Billing and payment”.

If you have gone through those steps means initially you are ready to work with Google Ads.

But before you move with the next procedures, I would highly recommend you to have detailed understandings on the following terms.

Without having any proper knowledge on these terms, you may not be able to cut the results your really are looking for.


Keywords considered as the most prominent component of google Ads. Your success at google Ads will mostly depend on how well you have worked on your keywords. Thus, there are four of these keywords matching options you should understand before you create any campaign as followed:-

Exact Match: Exact match is something that will only show in for google if it’s same as your keyword. For instance, if your keyword is “beautiful cars” then it will appear for beautiful cars only or something of same.

Phrase Match: phrase match will expand your keyword matching. This match will target the phrases that match any preceding or succeeding of your keyword.For an example. If your keyword is “Beautiful Cars” then it will appear it’s looking for “cheap beautiful cars”.

Broad Match: It is basically the default keyword assigned by google in case of not choosing any keywords. If your target is for “beautiful cars” it will also appear for “beautiful car in America”.

Broad Match Modifier: It is same as the broad match. It will only show for the trigger that matches your keyword. All you need to do is put a “+” sign before your keywords.

You can also make some other changes to your keywords such as Negative keyword and keyword planning

So far so good! Then you are completely ready to take your google Ads journey to the next level. Followed by, discussing the step by step process of creating your very first Google Ads Campaign.

Step-By-Step Guideline for Running Google Ads Campaign:-

Step-1: Select Your Campaign Type and Name

Google Ads starts off with creating campaign. So here you have to choice a catchy name for your campaign and select the type of your campaign.

Now a question may arise in your mind regarding type of campaign. The campaign type here is referring where customer will be able to see your videos.

However, in case of choosing any sub type of any campaign type will be on your preference. Your campaign title should be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly.

So the following pictures are going to represent how to create your very first campaign name and type:-

Select the campaign tab from the left of your screen and hit the blue “+” sign from there.

Advertise YouTube Channel
Click on “Campaigns” Option
Advertise YouTube Channel
Click on “+” Sign to Create a New Campaign

Step-2: Choose Your Campaign Goal

Then click “Product and Brand Consideration” as your goal

Advertise YouTube Channel
New campaign will allow to Run a New Ads
Advertise YouTube Channel
Select the option “Product and Brand Consideration”

Step-3: Select your Campaign Type

Then Select Campaign type “Video”

Advertise YouTube Channel
Click one “Video” Option

Step-4: Select Sub-type for your campaign

Select a video sub-type “Standard Consideration” and click “Continue”

Advertise YouTube Channel

Select a video sub-type “Standard Consideration” and click “Continue”

Step-5: Choose your Campaign name

Write your campaign name

Advertise YouTube Channel

Write your campaign name

Step-6: Choose your “bid strategy”, set budget and delivery method

Form the corner of a YouTube perspective; it is important to set a budget on your promotional campaigns. It needs some deep calculation based on your sales and profit. Choose a delivery method on your preference.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Choose a delivery method on your preference

Step-7: Activation and expiry Date of your Campaign

You can either decide to start immediately or by selecting any suitable date. same also goes for the expiry of your campaign.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Decide to start immediately or by selecting any suitable date

Step-8: Set Your “Bid Strategy”

But for Google Ads it’s a bit different. Two factors that driver the decision making process of Google Ads are, the budget You want to spend and the KPI(Key Performance Indicator) you want to hit.

google charges for the campaign on a daily basis (spend/30.4). So covert the rate and figure what percentage of campaigns will convert customers and generate you leads and sales.

Based on that, you have to set your profitable conversion. Then you need to understand the average cost of a click and set a margin to reach your target. This is how you can set your budget to reach the goal.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Set Your “Bid Strategy”

Step-9: Choose Your “Network type”

Select your preferred network type from the options given

Advertise YouTube Channel

Choose Your “Network type”

Step-10: Select language

Choose your suitable language from the list

Choose your suitable language from the list

Step-11: Choose the geographic location where you’d like ads to show

For the campaign, it is very important to set your targeted location. That will help your YouTube videos generating some quick viewers.

Advertise YouTube Channel
Select your targeted location

Step-12: Create your first ad group, and write your first ad

In the advance setting you will be able to create your ad group name

Advertise YouTube Channel

Create your first ad group, and write your first ad

You can also choose your demographic and audiences here

Advertise YouTube Channel

Choose your Demographic and Audiences

Step-13: Modify your Content

You can modify your content based on where you want them to show. You can modify your keyword, Topics and Placements here. You have to select from the dropdown list.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Modify your keyword, Topics and Placements

Step-14: Create your Video ad:

You can create your video ad and format here. Add your existing video URL and add name and other relevant information.

Advertise YouTube Channel

Put video URL and Add name
Advertise YouTube Channel
Put Down Headline and Description

Click “Save and Continue” then you are all done with Running Google Ads Campaign. Now your Job is to Truck the Campaign, see the result and make decision relaunch or not depends on the conversion rate and the cost.

If You think this is quite hard for you to Run and Truck Google Ads campaign then you can also get help from Experts Campaign Manger. Who will do all the process for you. VidOrange is a team of Experts marketer who are always dedicated to serve their customers. So if you need any help you can hire us anytime here. We always ensure top success rate and getting your ROI back.

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