The 4 [Easy Ways] to Gain YouTube Subscribers | YouTube Promotion Tips
The 4 [Easy Ways] to Gain YouTube Subscribers | YouTube Promotion Tips

The 4 [Easy Ways] to Gain YouTube Subscribers | YouTube Promotion Tips

To win the attention of YouTube’s algorithm, one requires lots of YouTube channel subscribers as well as content. Today, I’ll show you real ways to get new YouTube subscribers.

YouTube Subscribers
The 4 [Easy Ways] to Gain YouTube Subscribers | YouTube Promotion Tips

In this post, you’ll learn about four ways of getting free and paid YouTube subscribers for your channel.

If you’re just starting your YouTube channel or looking for a way to optimize your already existing content, this post is for you.

1. Create quality Content and Post the videos in a proper schedule

In digital marketing, Content is very key. It is the product of the trade and more quality content put out consistently attracts traffic and following.

Whatever type of channel you do will not work if you don’t publish quality content on the regular.

Clear videos with good sound put out on a regular schedule clear to the subscribers are important in retaining and growing the client base.

a. Find out the best topics and Search keywords for each single video

After making the videos, you will want to label them in a creative yet search-friendly title.

I advice using keyword search tools such as Google Ads and Semrush for better understanding keywords

This Video can Help you learning How to Research Keywords

How to Do Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

Keywords are said to be the heart of the content. After identifying the keyword work it into a clever title and upload.

When creating videos include the targeted keyword in the audio if possible. Use high definition microphones and ensure clear audio for your video.

Keyword Selection:

YouTube Subscribers
Do Perfect Keyword Research

Step 1- Identify your audience

Step 2- Learn more about the market players

Step 3- Target longtail keyword phrases

Step 4- Implement keyword research tools

Step 5- Narrow down on the strongest applicable keyword

b. Ensure you are publishing high-resolution videos to your Channel

The reason why quality is so important for the YouTube platform is simple; 200 hours of video content is being added to YouTube every minute.

That’s a lot! Professional picture quality content can set your videos apart from the other multiple videos being uploaded daily.

So if you are looking to grow your audience, quality must come first.

No one wants to watch a poor quality edit video with millions of better videos.

Use the best Cameras.

Invest in a good camera for better picture and video. That is the first step to a good video; picture quality We have listed some of the best cameras used by YouTubers below.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV – High-resolution 4K movie recording HFR.

Canon 70D – Dual Pixel 20.2 MP

Sony a7R II – Internal UHD 4K steady shot stabilization

Panasonic Lumix GH4

Editing videos:

Video editing is the second phase of quality video content for YouTube.

The latest popular software and tool used to edit the best videos online include Windows movie maker, Virtual Dub, Pinnacle studio 21.5, Corel VideoStudio, Sony Vegas Pro, iMovie, Blender, Final cut Pro and much other software available online.

Use editing skills to compile interesting final video edits that are straight forward and captivating.

Being a video content platform you may want to also add short channel introductory videos to give a brief description of what to expect on the channel.

Adding Call to Action Annotation with your YouTube Videos will help much getting New YouTube subscribers :

Call to action’ annotations are those frequent pop-ups in the video that calls the audience to either subscribe or follow the channel.

YouTube Subscribers

Call to Action Annotation with YouTube Videos

The Call to action annotation can be annoying to some YouTube users but they are a blessing for the YouTube creators.

They give content creators an opportunity to request casual viewers to click on the channel and subscribe for more interesting videos.

c. Maintain a good schedule for posting videos continuously

Most YouTubers give a lot of priority to publishing their YouTube videos regularly on their channels and creating a routine awareness for the subscribers and followers.

Data shows that people who publish videos more frequently and more consistently run very active and vibrant YouTube channels as opposed to those who don’t.

YouTube Subscribers are looking for channels with fresh content each day or week.

Tips for Creating Quality Videos

Do thorough research on content topic by reading widely on relevant publications and other sources.

Brainstorm with other people on the video concept and how to shoot it.

Check out what the competition is doing or has done and try to set the bar higher.

Just do it the best way you can.

2. Convert Searchers to Subscribers with Playlists

Its hard work acquiring a first-time viewer with a solo video on the cloud.

It is however easy to increase chances of watch time through YouTube playlist.

Through playlisting your video on YouTube the video stands more probability of turning up on the screen and capturing the attention of these casual viewers. Possibly turning them into subscribers.

The YouTube playlist boosts content consumption, retain subscribers and improves your watch time.

Simply Follow this steps for Creating YouTube Playlist

Step 1- Select the YouTube video being added to a playlist

Step 2- Under the video, click the icon ‘add to’

YouTube Subscribers
Step- 1, 2 & 3 Creating Playlist

Step 3- Click create New playlist

Step 4- Enter a title name for the playlist

YouTube Subscribers

Step- 4, 5, 6 & 7 Creating Playlist

Step 5- Click the drop down box to select your playlist’s privacy setting.

Step 6- Select on Public or Private, For people to find it when searching on the platform set privacy setting as Public.

Step 7- Click create to finish

3. Make sure your video is SEO friendly

You want your video to be easy to find for YouTube subscribers. Use of frequently searched titles can give a Youtuber the competitive edge.

Social Media marketing:

Create a social account on Reddit, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter.

YouTube Subscribers

Do Use Social Media Marketing

Create a good profile and cover image for each social account. Then continually post your Video thumbnail with video URL and push for views in your social circles.

Try to include some interactive helpful post on these social accounts to encourage them to click on the link maybe on the bio or on a specific post,
Really get to know your audience through these platforms and identify how to supply for their demand.

Video embedding on other Sites: you can find different video embedding sites to embed your YouTube videos and their direct links on multiple websites. Get extra views from website embeds and capture more viewers.

Post your YouTube videos on your Official Blog:

this is very common, in most cases YouTube channel owners always publish a blog post regarding their video content for in-depth explanations.

There they post their all content and also use the blog address on the description below each of their YouTube video.

Contribute to popular forum sites:

Forum sites can be a good place to connect with people of similar interests. For example, if you are putting out content about “dogs”.

Then searching for “dog lovers forums” online and connecting with them is the first step to gaining subscribers.

You will find many forums to promote your videos; relying on your keyword.

4. Use Paid Promotion to engage more visitors

When are you done with all the free growth steps- i.e. creating quality content, posting them in proper schedule, targeting proper keywords, creating the playlist and improving the SEO.

Then it’s time to boost your channel views through paid promotions. It’s somewhat essential to pay for promotions in this high competition age.

There are lots of ways where you can get views, subscribers and increase your channels watch time.

Here we’ll describe some of the most popular ways being used to promote YouTube subscription.

Run a Google Ads Campaign:

Paying for a Google Ads campaign optimizes and creates more chances of your video by use of keyword search in the title being placed higher on search results giving it a better chance for viewing.

Ads is an auction-based system that facilitates targeted ads to be shown first in google results.  

YouTube Subscribers

Run a Google Ads Campaign

Here You can Find the Step by Step Guideline to Run Google Ads Campaign

Step 1- Understand What Google Ads Is For

Step 2- Research and Understand Your Target Audience

Step 3- Have a Specific Goal for Each Google Ads Campaign.

Step 4- Create Targeted Landing Pages for Your Google Ads

Step 5- Run your Ad on Google Ads and get Return On Investment back!

Run a Facebook ad campaign:

Facebook is very useful marketing platform especially for video content. The Facebook ads are directed to people with certain selected interests.

YouTube Experts will take advantage of Facebook campaigns to create awareness for future scheduled video content releases, get more views for already existing videos and also get subscribers two-cents on uploaded videos.

YouTube Subscribers

Run a Facebook Campaign in Ad Manger

Follow this Step by Step Guideline to Run Facebook Ads Campaign

Step 1- Have a goal in mind for the campaign

Step 2- Target your audience; Existing subscribers/ new potential subscribers

Step 3- Use short Eye-catching teaser videos

Step 4- Be casual and avoid sounding like an advertisement.

Step 5- Install Conversion Pixels by clicking set up pixels

Step 6- You are all done! You can now track your campaign.

Tips for Paid Marketing

Paid marketing for YouTube content is a profitable advertising strategy that if done correctly can grow any channel’s subscription and following in a matter of time.

YouTube Paid Promotion Service
Get Legit Views Via YouTube, Google or our Partner Ads

For paid marketing, get the most applicable marketing strategy that is low on investment and realizes high return on investment.

For example you can get more YouTube subscribers through promoting and sponsoring your videos on the trending tab than by SEO.

Opt for a traceable paid marketing strategy with high quality remarks to ensure your ad reaches targeted people at the right time.

You also want a subtle ad campaign that doesn’t end up being annoying instead of being informative.

You are now ready to grow your YouTube subscriber list using these 4 tips of growing your YouTube channel today.

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