How to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook- Ultimate Beginner Guide
How to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook- Ultimate Beginner Guide-min

How to Promote YouTube Channel on Facebook- Ultimate Beginner Guide

If you are a Vlogger who earns their keep from YouTube, then maximizing traffic to your channel is definitely on top of your list. More numbers to your channel means more money from YouTube. Among the social media platforms to search for numbers from, Facebook comes out on top before Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the other platforms. In this article, we will discuss How to Promote YouTube channel on Facebook. But first, we will look at why Facebook should be the first priority over the other platforms.

Why Facebook over other platforms?

With over 2.3 billion users registered on Facebook, it is the most popular social media platform worldwide. That alone should make it your preferred platform for promoting your YouTube channel.

The biggest advantage Facebook has over the others is that you are able to customize your campaign to a specific audience.

This makes it easier to identify with your target audience and reach them better. It is also much cheaper to promote your channel on Facebook than on Google.

Facebook’s video sharing option, Facebook Live, is a great way to give your audience a sneak preview of your YouTube videos and promote the channel.

The platform has other features like chatbots that will enable you to share structured messages with your audience and receive feedback much faster.

Other features such as pages and groups also allow you to share targeted messages with your followers instead of just throwing it out there and hoping it reaches the right people.

It also allows you to engage your fans directly.

Tips on how to promote your YouTube channel on Facebook for free

While you have the option of Paid Campaigns on Facebook, you can always start out for free before the money rolls in.

You will be able to grow your YouTube channel subscription with a low budget. We will share four tips on how to promote YouTube channel on Facebook for free!

• Start a fan page or group

Your personal Facebook account can only have a maximum of 5000 connections.

If you were to promote your YouTube channel through your personal account, you would only be able to directly reach a maximum of 5000 people.

By Creating a Facebook Page or Group, you can be able to directly reach a higher number of Facebook users.

This will also allow you to brand your YouTube channel separately from your personal account, allowing it to be a brand on its own. Invite your friends to like the page and get rolling.

• Be strategic in sharing the YouTube videos

You will need to be strategic on how your post on your Facebook page to achieve maximum effect.

Too many posts and it feels like you are spamming your followers, too few posts and the followers forget about your page.

Timing is of great importance. You will also need to keep in mind the analytics and your audience’s time zones.

• Share more than your channel on the page

Restricting your page to just videos from your YouTube channel is just selfish of you.

It could also limit you to only posting when you have new content on the channel. Apart from giving teasers and behind-the-scenes shots, you can also share a post or two from other people.

Sharing other people’s works or linking other pages could also attract new audience to your own work. It also enables you to consistently post on your page.

• Be active, be social

Turning off the comments section on your pages should never be an option, in as much as you want to keep out negative energy.

Involve your followers in the conversation by responding to as many comments as you can, answering their questions while asking a few of your own.

Tips for running a successful paid Facebook campaign

There is also the option of running paid campaigns on Facebook to help promote the YouTube channel.

While paid ads sound like a lot of work, they are simple and when well thought, can achieve amazing results and ensure return on investment. Here are tips on how to go about paid Facebook campaigns;

• It’s about the audience, not the numbers

If you set out to look for numbers, you are bound to fail in the long term. Always seek to reach the right people and the numbers will automatically come along.

Target your campaign to a specific audience with specialized messages instead of running a broad undefined campaign.

Facebook’s Audience Insights has proven to be quite helpful in researching about your targeted audience.

• Be a storyteller

If your campaign tells a story instead of a generic message calling people to subscribe to your YouTube channel, it is bound to be more successful and build a connection with your followers.

• Be flexible

Periodically monitor the performance of your campaigns and tweak when necessary. This way, you are able to make needed adjustments along the way before everything flops.

The beauty of it is that you don’t need to start an entirely new campaign. Always lay down plans on how to gauge the success of a campaign before launching it.

Step by step guide on creating a Facebook ad

Step 1: Visit the Ads Manager page and choose the objective of your campaign

It can be awareness, leads conversion or just to generate interest in your content. This helps in tailoring the campaign to being a specific to the targeted audience as possible.

Step 2: Audience selection

At this stage, you narrow down your audience to the ones the campaign would be relevant to. The more specific your audience selection is, the higher chances of the campaign being successful.

Step 3: Choose the forums on which the Ad will run

The Ad won’t be only restricted to Facebook but can also be run on Messenger and Instagram- both of which are owned by Facebook.

Step 4: Budgetary allocation

You get to decide how much you want the campaign to cost. You can either decide the overall amount to be spent on the campaign or the cost to be determined by the results. There is the option of setting a daily limit or the overall spend on the Ad.

Step 5: Decide on the format

Do you want the campaign tailored to photos, videos, carousel, slideshow, collection, lead ads, link ads or dynamic ads?

Step 6: Review the Ad

This is the last step before your Ad goes live on Facebook. In this step, you get to confirm that everything is to your preference. After this, all you have to do is measure the performance of your Ad.

Get it Done Right with VidOrange

The change in Facebook News Feed Algorithms has been helpful in Facebook campaigns. This does not, however, mean that Facebook alone can deliver the traffic to your YouTube channel. You can use other platforms too.

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