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VidOrange is a respectable company that ensures maximum adherence to the laws and rules of customer web service dealings. Providing our customers with the best service possible is our obligation. We hope that customers will view or scan through our terms and conditions so they are made aware of our commitment to give them the best and then work towards fostering a beneficial and a healthy relationship between suppliers and customers that will blossom for years.

It is expected that you read through this terms and conditions before proceeding to use our services. We also wish to state that this terms and condition are subject to updates and changes from time to time and so it is advised you always read through each time you decide to use our services.

If you desire a discounted price, you are expected to contact us at about 22:00 UTC. Once the service begins, the price is fixed.

In a situation where you are not satisfied with our services and would like to cancel, we make moves to remove followers from your profile.

We are open to refunds but will work under a strict line of work done. Full returns can only be expected when the work is not started after 48 hours.

We are not liable to losses that may arise indirectly as a result of using our services.

As earlier stated, our terms are subject to changes, in the occasion that a change or an update is made, we assume that you have agreed to it when you go ahead to use our services. This is why we strenuously advise that you always read through the terms before using our services as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.

We have carefully ordered our terms to ensure that we do not infringe on your rights as a customer. We run a legal company and always strive to do everything according to the direction of the law. Protecting your rights as a customer is a top priority to us, and so you can be sure that we will always put you first. If for any reason you desire to cancel your subscription with us, we urge you to send us a mail to that effect.

Refund will be made on basis of Work Done. Full Refund if work not started within 48 hours.

Contact us at support@vidorange.com If you have any question